Clothing stain remover "Universal"

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Decontamination Washing Principle:

The use of advanced emulsion technology to penetrate plant saponins with potent formula integration, evenly dispersed through the cooling solidification made.

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Can quickly penetrate to the deep fibers of clothing and leather, by emulsification, dispersion, solubilization stubborn stain with the principle of binding force of smaller fibers and surface tension reduction ,resulting in the stain with a combination of fiber becomes soft ,stain quickly from the fiber, dispersion in the water, so as to achieve scouring effect. For clothing and leather difficult to remove the grease, sweat, tea stains, fruit stains and other stubborn stains with excellent cleaning effect.


1.A completely non-toxic formula, contains not phosphorus, boron, phthalates, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, bromine and other harmful chemical substances, is conducive to the human body, clothing and environmental security.

2. Plant saponins composition, performance, moderate detergency strong, and will not damage clothing and leather fiber.

3. Infiltration powerful formula that can quickly penetrate to the clothing and leather fiber deep,rapid scouring.

4. Removal of oil stains on the hard, sweat. tea stains,fruint stains and other stubborn stains with excellent cleaning effect.

5. Can effectively remove leather stains, no harm leather.

6. For clothing and leather has a certain soft effect.

Using stick like design, will paste a direct smear stains on clothing and leather surfaces, a slight rub or wipe, and then directly to clean water.