Alcoholmeter from 0 to 85


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Alcoholmeter from 0 to 85


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The use of an alcoholmeter is very straight forward. Pour a sample of the spirit to be tested into a tall glass or high chemical tolerant plastic cylinder, leaving enough space for the alcoholmeter to disperse the liquid. In order to obtain the most accurate reading possible, try to ensure that the liquid is as close to 68℉ (20℃) as possible, as this is the temperature that the alcoholmeter has been calibrated to (should your alcoholmeter be calibrated to a different temperature, which should be stated on the meter, ensure that your liquid is at the quoted temperature). 
Place your alcoholmeter in the sample and spin it do dislodge any bubbles that may have been in the liquid, and could potentially cause the alcoholmeter to float slightly higher, resulting in a low reading. Read the mark where the liquid level crosses the stem of the alcoholmeter. This is your percentage alcohol by volume.

Measure Range: 0-85°.
Color: Clear.
Quantity: 1 Pc.
Package Contents: 1 x Alcoholmeter.