Distiller spiral

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Read the instructions prior to using the device:

1.The distilling apparatus is made of durable technical glass.

2. It comes with four spouts. Spout A and B are used for connecting cooling water (see figure).Spout C is used for connecting the distilling apparatus with the source of vapour. Spout D is the condensed liquid outlet.

3. Connect a hose from the cold water faucet to spout A. The hose connected to spout B should drain the cooling water freely into the sink.

4. Connect spout C with the heated vessel with a hose. Vapour will get into the distilling apparatus through the hose. Place spout D above the vessel where you You will collect the condensed liquid.

5. We recommend using high quality silicone hose set to connect the distilling apparatus. They are resistant to high temperatures and certified for use with food.