SuperСelandine "DIAS" (3.6 ml)

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Wart treatment could be costly and may take few visits to a doctor. Wart treatment SuperСelandine "DIAS" removes warts, by removing layers with each application, oldest and largest warts usually require fewer applications. Product SuperСelandine "DIAS" makes warts disappear without spending a fortune on doctors’ visits.

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While treating warts, protected surrounding. After first application treated area will change color and get darker. After second application of wart treatment, the wart becomes visible dark and looks caved in. 

Treatment on less sensitive parts of the skin is usually easy and not painful, rather sensitive areas are more painful. Small amount of wart removal must be applied. When wart appears wet, indicates that enough product was used. 
Protect healthy tissue around the wart. It is important to avoid dripping of the SuperСelandine "DIAS" on the healthy skin. Most warts will peal off after second treatment. SuperСelandine "DIAS" removes layers of the skin, creating a cavity. Larger warts and warts with deep roots, require numerous applications. Healing usually take as long as any other cut or scab. Keep treated area clean and moist with triple antibiotic or bacitracin for smaller scaring. When applied to a sensitive area, wart removal product can burn on contact. Wart treatment SuperСelandine "DIAS"removes warts without paying for doctors visits and at your convenience.

Types of warts: genital warts, hand warts plantar warts, facial warts, genital warts pappiloma.